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One case of Aronia juice, six 16 oz. bottles
Case of (6) CP Aronia Juice

16 oz. pouch of Fresh-Frozen Aronia berries
Fresh-Frozen Aronia berries

8 oz. jar of  Aroniaberry Jam
Aroniaberry Jam

8 oz. jar of Aronia-Currant Jam
Aronia-Currant Jam

8 oz. jar of Aroniaberry Jelly
Aroniaberry Jelly

Get Benefits Now! A Limited offering until our next Aronia berry harvest. Do not miss your opportunity to try our cold pressed juice, antioxidant berries, artisanal jams or Berryburstz energy gels. Contact Blazerfarmz directly about bulk pricing for purchases of local grown Aronia berries or to share with us how we're doing.